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The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Lakeway, TX

Lakeway TX Jacquelyn Foreman November 9, 2023

Lakeway, Texas, is a haven for those seeking a serene, community-centered life, surrounded by nature's beauty. Each neighborhood, with its unique charm, contributes to the tapestry that is Lakeway. If you’re contemplating a move or just curious, here are two of its standout neighborhoods.

Old Lakeway

Situated at the very heart of the city, Old Lakeway offers a tapestry of history and charm. Characterized by mature trees and well-established homes, this region harks back to the origins of Lakeway, providing a touch of nostalgia. Residents benefit from proximity to Lakeway City Park and the Lakeway Resort and Spa. Expansive lots are a defining feature, providing homeowners with ample space and a sense of seclusion.

Architectural Charm

The homes in Old Lakeway are a reflection of the city's evolution. Many of the residences showcase architectural designs that speak to the styles prevalent during the mid-20th century when Lakeway was just beginning to establish its identity. This results in a mix of traditional and ranch-style homes, many of which have been updated or renovated while preserving their original character.

Natural Beauty

One of the standout features of Old Lakeway is its natural setting. Mature oak trees create shaded pathways, and the neighborhood's landscaping often merges with the native flora of the Texas Hill Country. Residents and visitors alike can immerse themselves in this tranquility by taking a stroll or simply sitting outside and enjoying the natural ambiance.

Amenities and Recreation

The proximity of Old Lakeway to some of the city's premier recreational spots is one of its significant advantages. The Lakeway City Park, a cherished green space, offers trails, picnic areas, a playground, and direct access to Lake Travis, making it a hub for relaxation and water-based activities. Additionally, the Lakeway Resort and Spa is close by, offering an array of luxurious services and a serene escape for both locals and tourists.

The Hills of Lakeway

Nestled within a secure gated community, The Hills of Lakeway exudes elegance. Residents have access to The Hills Country Club, indulging in golf, tennis, and social activities. The World of Tennis complex, known for its top-notch facilities, further elevates the neighborhood's appeal.

Premier Amenities

At the heart of The Hills of Lakeway is The Hills Country Club. This premier facility offers residents an array of recreational and social opportunities. The club boasts impeccable golf courses designed by golfing legends, state-of-the-art tennis courts at the World of Tennis complex, a fitness center, and dining venues that serve gourmet meals.

Natural Surroundings

Despite its upscale ambiance, The Hills of Lakeway remains deeply connected to the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Many homes back onto verdant golf courses or natural green spaces, providing residents with tranquil views and a sense of retreat. Mature trees and meticulously maintained landscaping further enhance the community's picturesque setting.

Community and Events

Beyond its physical allure, The Hills of Lakeway is renowned for its vibrant community spirit. Regular events at the country club, from golf tournaments to themed dinners, offer residents ample opportunities to socialize and bond. The active homeowners' association ensures that the community's standards are upheld and also organizes various neighborhood events throughout the year.

Security and Peace of Mind

As a gated community, The Hills of Lakeway places a premium on the safety and privacy of its residents. Entrances are monitored, and the presence of security provides an added layer of peace of mind, allowing residents to enjoy their surroundings with ease.

Flintrock Falls

This prestigious gated community seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the tranquility of nature. Architecturally striking homes combined with a warm community vibe make Flintrock Falls a coveted destination.

Stunning Architecture

Flintrock Falls homes showcase a blend of contemporary designs and Hill Country aesthetics. Many of these residences are custom-built, emphasizing individuality, attention to detail, and luxury finishes. Features such as expansive patios, outdoor kitchens, and infinity pools overlooking the hill country are not uncommon, creating an ideal blend of indoor-outdoor living.

Golf Enthusiast's Dream

A standout feature of Flintrock Falls is its championship golf course, designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and his son, Jack Nicklaus II. This impeccably maintained course offers a challenging play and provides residents with picturesque vistas of rolling fairways, water features, and the encompassing nature. The Flintrock Falls Country Club serves as a social and recreational hub, offering dining, social events, and additional sports facilities.

Rough Hollow

A newer addition to the Lakeway landscape, Rough Hollow stands out for its panoramic views and state-of-the-art amenities. With its blend of hilltop homes, walking trails, and community parks, it's a neighborhood that encourages both relaxation and recreation. The Rough Hollow Yacht Club and Marina, situated nearby, offers residents an upscale lakeside experience.

Modern Architectural Flourishes

Lakeway Highlands homes embrace modern architectural designs while respecting the local aesthetic. With a mix of transitional, contemporary, and hill country styles, these homes often feature open floor plans, large windows to capture the views, and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring residents experience the pinnacle of modern comfort.

A Haven for Recreation

Lakeway Highlands doesn't just offer beautiful homes; it's a hub for recreational activities. With miles of walking and hiking trails, residents have ample opportunity to engage with nature. Community parks and green spaces are interspersed throughout, ideal for picnics, play, or relaxation.

Rough Hollow Yacht Club and Marina

One of the standout features of living in Lakeway Highlands is its proximity to the Rough Hollow Yacht Club and Marina. This facility elevates the lakeside living experience. Residents can enjoy boating, paddleboarding, and other water activities on Lake Travis. The yacht club also offers a resort-style pool, fitness center, and dining facilities, ensuring residents have access to luxury amenities just minutes from their doorstep.

Breathtaking Views

Nestled amidst the rolling landscapes of the Texas Hill Country and overlooking Lake Travis, Lakeway Highlands promises panoramic vistas that captivate the senses. Sunsets over the lake, the undulating green of the hills, and the serene waterscape form a daily backdrop for residents, making every moment in this community feel like a retreat.

Serene Hills

Living up to its name, Serene Hills offers a peaceful retreat amidst rolling landscapes. Homes here are designed to maximize views, ensuring residents wake up to breathtaking vistas every day. With its miles of hiking and biking trails, and close proximity to local shopping and dining, Serene Hills strikes a balance between nature and modern conveniences.

Harmonious Architecture

The homes in Serene Hills are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Architecture here reflects a perfect harmony of Hill Country traditions and contemporary design elements. Homes are often outfitted with spacious patios, large windows to capitalize on the views, and sustainable materials that respect the environment.

Breathtaking Vistas

Perhaps the most captivating feature of Serene Hills is its undisturbed views. Residents are treated to rolling terrains, sprawling green spaces, and glimpses of the nearby Lake Travis. Sunrises and sunsets become daily spectacles, transforming the sky into a canvas of vibrant colors.

Recreation and Leisure

While Serene Hills offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle, it does not lack in recreational opportunities. Miles of hiking and biking trails meander through the community, inviting residents to engage with nature firsthand. These trails, designed with minimal disruption to the environment, allow for intimate encounters with local flora and fauna.

Shopping and Dining

Convenience is key in Serene Hills. Proximity to local shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, and boutique stores ensures residents have easy access to all modern amenities without compromising the tranquility of their environment. Whether indulging in fine dining or seeking local artisanal products, everything is within a stone's throw.

Community and Sustainability

The sense of community in Serene Hills is profound. Regular neighborhood events, from outdoor concerts to community picnics, foster strong bonds among residents. Moreover, the community's dedication to sustainability is evident in its conservation efforts, tree preservation initiatives, and sustainable building practices.

Lakeway's diverse neighborhoods cater to an array of tastes and preferences. From the historic charm of Old Lakeway to the modern vibes of Lakeway Highlands and the tranquility of Serene Hills, there's a perfect spot for everyone in this Texas gem.

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