Hottest Architectural Styles in Lakeway, TX

Foreman Property Group May 22, 2024

Lakeway, Texas, is a picturesque lakefront community situated along the southern shores of Lake Travis. Located approximately 25 miles northwest of Austin, Lakeway represents a serene escape from the capital city's bustling urban atmosphere. With its scenic vistas and resort-like amenities, including golf courses, tennis courts, and marinas, it's the perfect landing spot for those seeking a tranquil ambiance while keeping urban conveniences within reach.

In addition to its draw as a vibrant community with an alluring lakefront lifestyle and endless recreational opportunities, Lakeway features an impressive collection of homes. If you’re intrigued by Lakeway real estate, here are five of the hottest architectural home styles you may encounter.

Santa Barbara Style

Santa Barbara-style homes in Lakeway capture the romantic essence of Spanish architecture, drawing from a rich history that dates back to early Spanish colonial influence in California. This architectural form is renowned for its white stucco walls, red-tile roofs, and inviting courtyards, making it a picturesque choice for those drawn to old-world charm combined with modern luxuries.

Characterized by their stark white stucco exteriors and contrasting deep earthy tones, these homes often feature exposed beam ceilings and polished wood accents. Arcades and tiled courtyards enhance the sense of a functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor-outdoor living space. The interiors typically feature rustic yet elegant accents of wood or iron, with ornate lantern fixtures adding a touch of rugged sophistication. In Lakeway, the Santa Barbara-style offers a seamless transition from the bustling energy of city life to the tranquil vibes of lakeside living.

Modern Farmhouse

This contemporary reinterpretation of classic American farmhouses remains popular for its blend of traditional country elements merged with modern aesthetics. The Lakeway farmhouse style is a popular choice for buyers looking for a mix of classic and contemporary design elements with copious amounts of space.

Features like metal roofs, large windows, and extensive porches (including wrap-around and rear porches) combine functionality with rustic beauty. The color schemes are generally neutral, often featuring whites and grays offset by dark window shutters. Inside, an open floor plan enhances the sense of space, with wood elements highlighting natural materials. The kitchen often becomes the heart of the home with a spacious island, complemented by a spacious pantry and a breakfast nook with sizeable adjacent gathering areas tailored for comfort and social interactions.

European Style

European-style homes in Lakeway are a nod to the architectural traditions of the Old World, encompassing a variety of styles, such as Mediterranean, Tudor, French Country, and Georgian. Each style offers distinct features, but all share a common emphasis on elegance and detailed artistry. Lakeway's European-inspired homes are frequently styled after Mediterranean Villas or French Country estates; the former features stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, and wrought-iron details, while the latter boasts stone walls, steep roofs, and arched windows.

As with many Lakeway homes, the European floorplans feature great attention to detail and an emphasis on durability. They offer functional elegance with various decorative and practical features that cater to modern living while preserving historical charm. Thanks to their numerous amenities and impeccable build quality, you'll find variations of this home throughout Lakeway, often at a premium.

Texas Hill Country

The quintessential Central Texas home, the Texas Hill Country style, is deeply rooted in the region's history. It embodies rustic simplicity and modern elegance, uniquely suited to the Lakeway landscape. The Hill Country style provides a homely yet refined environment, ideal for those who appreciate a connection to history and nature.

The Hill Country homes' most distinctive characteristic is their construction from local materials, including white limestone, brown sandstone, and cedar, with some variations also sporting metal roofs. These homes are both attractive and durable. The design emphasizes simplicity and authenticity, focusing on natural beauty. It's particularly suited for residents who enjoy the aesthetics of traditional architecture combined with contemporary comforts.


Homeowners in Lakeway appreciate the area's contemporary builds due to their adaptability to current trends and architectural innovations. These homes blend various design elements to create spaces at the forefront of modern design. Contemporary homes include a mixture of materials, such as wood, brick, rock, siding, and stucco, which are used to create visually engaging designs. The roofs are often shallow-pitched, extending over various levels of the structure.

As a further testament to their flexible nature, contemporary residences in Lakeway real estate emphasize the hilly lakefront setting. Large windows flood the open floor plans with natural light, creating airy and vibrant living areas. The area's most desirable contemporary properties cater to the lifestyle of the modern homeowner, offering functionality and eco-friendly style. The layouts are typically efficient and flow effortlessly from one room to the next, providing comfortable living spaces that accommodate both privacy and social activities.

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